Imagine being a prince or princess

in your own romantic and charming chateau or chateau campsite.

La Maison Neuve is an inspiring place situated in a hilly landscape with sunflowers, romantic castles, meadows and forests.

La Maison Neuve tells the story of several eras. Surrounded by 11 hectares of wooded estate, the castle, whose origins go up to 1450 saw major changes in the 1800s. On the estate you’ll find organic fruit, vegetable, herb and rose gardens and a path that leads through the forest with very old and rare trees, springs and an arbor. The bamboo around the pond adds to the romantic aspect of the estate.

The forest is livelier by birdsong. It’s possible to spot the woodpecker, the yaffil, the nightingale and even the hoopoe ☺. Aside from the birds and many butterflies, you might also meet hares, foxes, badgers or roe deer. During yoga or dance squirrels frequently appear. We hear them running on the roofs of the semi covered yoga/ dance floor with their booty or jumping from tree to tree and chewing and hiding hazel and walnuts.

The small chapel reminds us that our ancestors also cared for their spiritual health.

At night owls are heard and the stars can be admired. This beautiful place offers an inspiring environment.

Enjoy a journey to the heart, an unforgettable experience!



  • Shared bathrooms

  • Bring your own sheets, towels and toiletries on yoga, music & dance retreats/weeks

  • On yoga, music & dance retreats/weeks all meals are taken care of by us, only lending a hand here and there, like laying tables and doing dishes in shifts are requested.



La Maison Neuve, 86100 Antran, FRANCE