The yoga classes were magical! The themes were the four elements and synchronized with nature. On the day with theme “earth”, it was earthday, on the day with theme “water”, it rained, on the day with theme “fire” the sun burst through the clouds after the sun salutation, and on the day with theme “air”, it was very windy.
I thought it was a blessing, a good start of the day and good preparation for dancing. Because of the yoga I was already settled in my body and could dance more from the inside, more intuitive.

Dru-yoga is a discovery! And Marleen too!
— Monique, dancer and coach - age 47

The yoga was wonderful.
— Gien, Utrecht - age 35

Hello dear Marleen, I often think back to your yoga classes and apply the tree exercise (almost) daily. And of course I recall you standing there! You also taught us the mantra ‘I go with the flow of life’ and I wanted to thank you in particular for this. Since I have learned this mantra from you and use it daily for myself, there is more flow in my life and things are a lot easier! Thank you!

Kind regards and keep well!
— An Sterken, Feng Shui consultant and owner of Feng Shui and More

The yoga was wonderful. A good combination of practice and relaxation. The music I liked too. I have become kinder to myself. And I go with the flow instead of against it.
— Brenda, Groningen

Great to start the day in this way!
— Ineke, herbal expert - age 68