Experience coming home to yourself.
— Cynthia Visser - Naaldwijk

It will not surprise you that I am very enthusiastic about this way of dancing. What I find so pleasant is the atmosphere of trust that you are able to create. I feel completely at ease with myself, and it feels therefore comfortable to try out new dance moves. So I can enjoy most of the dance and experience something new. I find that after the dance I feel more balanced, even in the days after.
— Anita Boone, freelance theater text writer - age 30

It is wonderful to start the week dancing. This gives me energy and puts me in balance for the rest of the week. The dance has a theme, where you can give expression to your own feelings through a free dance form. Then there is time for free dancing. The atmosphere is familiar, so you can feel at ease and you don’t have to feel inhibited.
— Erik van den Berg, IT entrepreneur - age 39

Dancing with Marleen is wonderful. In a very relaxed and safe atmosphere Marleen invites you to dance to fantastic world music. Every time it’s different. It does not matter how you dance or move, it’s the fun and it is the body awareness that counts! For me, this means that I feel freer in movement and have more courage to present myself. I have become more confident.
— Nathalie Scholtes, freelance secretary and trainer / coach - age 36

I experienced the whole course as a relaxing activity. I have experienced Marleen as a quiet person who teaches completely from her heart in a natural way. Her cheerful ways inspire her students and let them know that they can be entirely themselves. I have experienced that I can and may show myself.
— Kees Koops, Administrator, Delft - age 57

Hi Marleen, After the dance I felt much more energetic and more relaxed than before. It’s fun to feel your own body in both meditative dance and expressional dance. The variation of the music I found really great. I liked the many different styles and the combination of culture and spirituality. Keep it that way. I enjoyed it. Therefore it is not a definite goodbuy yet for me. It’s likely that I’ll be back in the future.
— Marie-Lene, marketeer, The Hague - age 42

It was fun to dance with a group, great moves, great people in the group. And you’re also fun ;-) You usually choose very good music.
— Sylvia, The Netherlands