Journey to the HeArt


Since 2003 it is our passion to offer you courses/ workshops yoga & dance and inspiring yoga, dance, music, & art  holidays to help you to come home to your own heart, to connect with the ancient heartbeat of mother earth and to celebrate who you really are.

Born to Dance

You may not know it, but you’re already a dancer. Everything in nature and in the universe dances and moves.

Therefore we’re all Born to Dance and Born to Move!

We dance when the sun is shining in our lives, but we can learn to dance with the shadow side as well. Through dance and movement you'll keep in touch with your inner being, rhythm and strength.

you’ve got to dance like no one is watching
sing like no one is listening
love like you’ve never been hurt before
and live like it’s heaven on earth
— William W. Purkey

Born to Dance supports and encourages as many people as possible to live from their heart & soul, their passion, love and joy.

We would like to contribute to the consciousness of the power of the heart and to the awareness of personal and global abundance.

to the spirit of AbunDance that is in each of you
may you recognize your greatness, discover your path
and make the contribution you came to make
— Orin and DaBen