Flamenco - La Maison Neuve

flamencoweek yoga, dance, guitar, and cajon

July 27 - August 3, 2019 (exact dates subject to change)


Enjoy an inspiring Flamenco summer week at the beautiful chateau 'La Maison Neuve'. In this week you'll get the chance to enjoy nature and give expression to your passion and individuality through flamenco.  If you like, you can also restore your physical, mental and emotional balance with dru yoga. According to our participants, this combination is fantastic.

Dru yoga

If you like you can start the day with yoga to wake up, enjoy nature and prepare body, mind and soul for dance.

Flamenco dance

In the flamenco dance classes, much attention is given to the interplay of music and dance. The lessons are given on 2 levels. In addition to learning technique and dance material, a lot of space is given to build up self-confidence.

The lessons are given in such a way, that you can experience flamenco as it is danced in Spain. We focus on personal expression, and mutual cooperation with the musicians.

Flamenco guitar

In the flamenco guitar lessons a lot of attention is paid to the interaction with the dancers. All guitar lessons are for people with some playing experience, not for complete beginners. If you're not sure, contact us.
There are lessons on two levels. 

In addition to learning technology, attention is paid to improvisation and responding to dance or singing. You will learn how flamenco is experienced in Spain. 


According to the famous conductor Hans von Bülow everything starts with rhythm: life, music and dance. A cajon or palmas workshop can not be missed in a flamenco week. As a dancer or guitarist, it is good to be busy with the rhythm of the music, to make the rhythm more familiar and to understand the music better. In addition to learning the rhythms, most dancers and guitarists experience playing the cajon as very relaxing. Empty your head completely and immerse yourself in the rhythm!

At the end of the week there is an end performance with dancers, guitarists, and cajonists.


Duende (the magical moment in the Flamenco, where singer, dancer, guitarist are completely absorbed in music, dance and the moment).

During the week there will be a peña, where you can experience the soul of flamenco.


If there are enough people interested in the history of La Maison Neuve, there will be a guided tour on wednesday.

One night there will be a big bonfire.
Wednesday afternoon is free for sightseeïng.
Wednesday night there will be a Peña.
Thursday we go out for dinner.


The week starts on Saturday July 27 at 8 PM with an evening meal and settling in. You can arrive from 5 PM on.
The program starts on Sunday.

Saturday, August 3, the week ends after breakfast and goodbyes.
You can stay in your room until 10:00 AM and on the estate until 12 noon.
During breakfast you can prepare a lunch to take with you.