Awareness and connection

The emphasis in dru yoga practice lies on inner 'awareness', on heart consciousness, a sense of connection, integration, and flow.

The muscles and joints get more flexible, you relax, have fun, and regain grace, balance and strength.

As the fox told the wise and enchanting little prince: “And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.
— From “Le Petit Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Dru Yoga means "Stillpoint". The name Dru yoga is derived from the North Star, Druvhana, that is always remains in the same spot in the sky, while the other stars circle around it. Dru also means 'the silent point' in yourself.

This tradition originated in Northern India. Dru Yoga has many similarities with other forms of yoga, but has a unique position because of for example the yoga-flows. In dru yoga you’re consciously present in movement and breathing. The focus lies on inner 'awareness' during exercise, on heart consciousness, sense of connection, integration and flow.

The main focus is on alignment,  softening the spine and working with the heart energy. There are special series to release tension. Dru-yoga contributes to a feeling of connection and to build up balance, grace and strength.

We start the lesson with a cheerful activation, consisting of dynamic active movements. This is followed by an EBR (Energy Block Release). An EBR consists of flowing movements that help you to solve energy blockages on the physical, mental and emotional level. Those movements invite you to be present in movement and breathing. This is followed by asanas (yoga postures) and a deep relaxation. Practicing dru yoga is a way to remain balanced in the bustle of every day life, so you remain clear and can properly respond to daily events. The activations, yogaflows, pranayama ( breathing exercises), meditation and asanas ( yoga postures) contribute to good health, vitality, flexibility, energy, balance, body awareness and personal growth. Dru yoga contributes to feelings of joy, happiness, peace and harmony.

All creativity arises from this silence, the rest is copied.
— Eckhart Tolle


Dru yoga is often given with the help of music.

We use special music that has a frequency that helps you move towards a balanced state. Music also helps you to move from your mind to your body and heart.

Outside in nature the music sometimes comes from birds, the wind moving the trees, the waves etc.

Stillness is the beginning of the dance of life
— Deepak Chopra

By practicing dru-yoga it’s easier to get into a deep silence, connected with yourself, nature and each other. We have the sense to be part of a larger community, our environment and nature. We focus on change, trust, love, courage, being in the now and the flow of life. We have the belief that our possibilities are unlimited.