Playful dance

Journey To The HeArt


"Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair"

Khalil Gibran

Dance is expression.

You may not know it, but you’re already a dancer. Everything in nature and in the universe dances and moves. Therefore we’re all Born to Dance! Dancing is moving with the rhythm of nature and the various rhythms within your self, the rhythm of your heart, respiration, lymphatic and digestive system. These rhythms are brought into balance with your natural rhythm and the rhythm of nature / mother earth through dance and movement.

In the dance you’ll get in touch with the playful child within yourself, with your soul and your deepest truth. You can center and listen to what your body, heart and soul have to tell you. During or after the dance, creative insights may arise. Dancing gives you a possibility to move in to a state called "flow". During "flow" your feelings, desires and thoughts are in harmony with each other and you are focused completely on the now. When you’re in ‘flow’ anything is possible.

"Inside of us still lives the joy that we see in the eyes of a child. Our task is to rediscover the child within us and let this child be the focus of our lives instead of pain, worry and tension"

From "Dancing between joy and pain" by Mansukh Patel and Rita Goswami

The purpose of ‘Playful Dance and Improvisation' is: To come home to yourself and to be comfortable in your body. In daily life it is important that there is a balance between fun/relaxation, challenge and having a goal. You have to trust in yourself and become aware of the power and the love of your heart, the power of your mind and the possibility to make a wish become reality. While dancing, you can create a positive spiral.

‘Playful Dance and Improvisation' is to familiarise you with your dancing body. You come in touch with the playful child within you, with what moves you, your feelings and what you would like to express.

We use themes. Some of these themes are: the elements, the 4 winds, rhythms, spirals, chacra’s, planets, the 7 spiritual laws of success, archetypes eg. By playfully dancing with each other, an atmosphere of security, confidence and fun can develop.

You don’t need experience with dance and your dance does not need to look beautiful. It's about the experience of dancing.

learning to dance is more important than learning a dance

We are inspired by the qualities of a theme to enrich our dance. We are taking the elements earth, water, fire and air and dances from other cultures and experience the contribution that they make to our inner balance.

A workshop consists of an introduction, a warming-up, theme based exercises, free dancing, cool down and a relaxation (as in yoga).

"What if…. at the end of your life you realize: Life is a musical thing and you’re supposed to sing or dance, while the music is being played"

Alan Watts