Born to Dance


Born to Dance

Yoga & Dance



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Join us to (re)connect with the ancient heartbeat of mother earth & your own heart through yoga, dance, music & art.

Celebrate life and relax completely in the moment.

The Celtic HeArtbeat
2020 Dates to follow shortly

Experience sacred sites and places of power, where you feel the heartbeat of Mother Earth. In a relaxing and peaceful holiday for body, heart, and soul, we practise yoga & dance, visit ancient sites, listen to live music, and walk through the rugged and mystical landscape of Connemara, Ireland.

The Flamenco Spirit
July 27 - August 3, 2019

Enjoy the Flamenco Spirit at the beautiful estate 'La Maison Neuve' in France. In this week you'll get the chance to give expression to your passion and create a an interaction between dance, song, guitar, palmas and cajon through Flamenco. You can start the day with balancing Dru yoga. According to our participants, this combination is fantastic.

The Tango Passion
July 2019

A week of argentine tango dance and music at a French castle. Inspiring tango dancers teach you the tango in an organic and playful way. You will certainly enjoy this week full of creative inspiration that you can take with you in your own dance. Of course there is Milonga every evening
with live music.


Dru yoga
Weekly schedule

Dru yoga, the yoga of the heart, is a gentle form of yoga that is accessible to everyone. It is about the experience and listening to your body, your breathing and your heart. A moment for yourself. Everyone can follow dru yoga at his or her own pace. By practicing yoga regularly you learn to let go of tension and prevent stress. Your muscles become more flexible and you get more strength.

Dance impro
Fridays monthly Lochem

In the dance you’ll get in touch with the playful child within yourself, with your soul and your deepest truth. You can center and listen to what your body, heart and soul have to tell you. 

The purpose of this ‘Playful Dance and Improvisation' is: To come home to yourself and to be comfortable in your body. 

Different times

Charge and restore your body, mind and soul with special workshops.

Beside weekly classes and summer weeks in Ireland and France, there will regularly be a workshop about personal growth.
These workshops will be offered by Marleen van Haastrecht - together with other professionals.